8 Week Program

Weekly Programme

This is ideal for women who can commit weekly and benefit from integrating changes step by step. For those looking for more long-term guidance and the reassurance that working within a small group can bring.

8 Week Programme

Assessment & Report

In Person or Telehealth

8 Week Programme in Dublin

8 In Person sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours

€50 per session*

What the programme consists on:

This programme is based on a research tested intervention, pioneered by Ali Domar, PhD, that has shown a more than doubling of live birth rates (from 20% to 52% -55%) for women trying to conceive naturally or going though IVF as well as decreasing their feelings of anxiety and depression (with whom Ciara Byrne, PhD has trained and been certified to lead mind body fertility programmes).


Each week will include skills training on mind body strategies for reducing the physiological stress response, lifestyle habits for optimal fertility, psychological tools for managing difficult emotions, and communication skills for easing the journey with a partner or the people around you. A programme designed to lower emotional distress and improve pregnancy outcomes. Each group includes no more than 12 women – ensuring an intimate, safe and comfortable space for you to connect with both yourself and others in the group.

* The 8 week programme will need to be paid in full from the start. If a patient stops attending classes due to a success pregnancy, they will be re-funded for the unattended classes from that moment.

If you are unsure if this plan is right for you, CONTACT US HERE  to arrange a FREE 10 minute consultation.