About Sage Fertility

Perhaps you are starting the fertility journey and can’t afford to loose time or you are undergoing fertility treatments or taking a break from them. Maybe you have exhausted the available medical options. Whatever your situation – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

The Science

“55% of previously infertile women who participated in a Mind Body Infertility programme conceived within a year, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind body techniques”

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The Programme

  • You learn a set of mind body medicine techniques to decrease your stress response, thereby regulating the neuroendocrine system – which is conducive to becoming pregnant.
  • You learn psychological tools that will help you navigate the difficult emotions of infertility.
  • You share in our knowledge and experience of cutting-edge nutrition, exercise habits, and complimentary treatments that can enhance your fertility health.
  • You come away with a Personalized Masterplan that you can integrate into your daily life and easily follow. A plan to live by.
  • When infertility seems to contradict the way you saw your life mapped out – we help you reframe your critical thoughts with compassion and question the ‘story’ you tell yourself.
  • You enjoy the support and shared experiences of a community that understands.
  • You explore the different options for family building with new flexibility.
  • If desired, you will receive referrals to healthcare providers with expertise in infertility, from acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors to yoga instructors.


Meet the Team

Sage Fertility is directed by Dr. Ciara Byrne and Dr. Laura McKee.

They combine their expertise as professional mind-body medicine teacher, clinician, professor, and researchers with an expertise and passion for reproductive health.

Dr. Laura McKee

Dr. Ciara Byrne

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