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The Problem..

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. How come the clear plan I always had, of starting a family, is not the reality?

I just can’t cope with the overwhelming stress of it all.

I feel so alone, like no one understands.

My self-worth is shot – it feels like I’ve failed myself and my family.

I can’t think of anything else and feel completely powerless to help myself.

Infertility has taken over my life – affecting my relationships, my family, my friends.

For these, and so many more reasons – women who are confronting the challenges of infertility come to us at Sage Fertility, and experience the benefits of our RE-MAP workshop. Because while you haven’t chosen this chapter of your life – you CAN choose the next step. You can take healthy, mindful control of your situation, your body and your mind – to positively influence your fertility.


The Opportunity..

Our Weekend Workshop and 8 Week Telehealth Program are about facing challenges and welcoming opportunities – specially designed to help you embrace new lifestyle habits, both physically and emotionally. Skills, knowledge, and habits which can have direct impact on your chances of becoming pregnant.

A group of woman discuss fertility options


The benefits for you...

  • You’ll learn a set of mind body medicine techniques to decrease your stress response, thereby regulating the neuroendocrine system – which is conducive to becoming pregnant.
  • You’ll learn psychological tools that will help you navigate the difficult emotions of infertility.
  • You’ll share in our knowledge and experience of cutting-edge nutrition, exercise habits, and complimentary treatments that can enhance your fertility health.
  • You’ll come away with a personalized plan that you can integrate into your daily life and easily follow. A plan to live by.
  • When infertility seems to contradict the way you saw your life mapped out – we’ll help you reframe your critical thoughts with compassion and question the ‘story’ you tell yourself.
  • You’ll enjoy the support and shared experiences of a community that understands.
  • You’ll explore the different options for family building with new flexibility.
  • If desired, you will receive referrals to healthcare providers with expertise in infertility, from acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors to yoga instructors.


“Perhaps you’re in treatment, thinking about it, or taking a break from it. Maybe you’ve exhausted the available medical options. Whatever your situation – we’re here for you.”

Meet the Team

Sage Fertility is directed by Dr. Ciara Byrne and Dr. Laura McKee.

They combine their expertise as professional mind-body medicine teacher, clinician, professor, and researchers with a passion for reproductive health.

Dr. Laura McKee

Dr. Ciara Byrne

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