Make your fertility journey a healthy one


Discovering that starting a family isn’t as straightforward as you’d hoped, can be a lonely, fearful place.

At Sage Fertility we re-write the fertility journey – replacing despair with hope and helping women like you optimize their chances of pregnancy. A combination of physical well-being practices and empirically-based psychological tools make up our 2-day mind and body workshop – providing strengthening, healing and empowering support. It’s about emotional care and body wellness. About acquiring skills and sharing knowledge. All geared to help you on the road to becoming a parent.


“It wasn’t supposed to be like this. How come the clear plan I always had, of starting a family, is not the reality?”

Who We Are


Sage Fertility is directed by Dr. Ciara Byrne and Dr. Laura McKee. They combine their expertise as professional mind-body medicine teacher, clinician, professor, and researchers with a passion for reproductive health. And both bring to the program the empathy and understanding that comes from experiencing infertility first-hand.

The team also includes consulting experts who specialize in reproductive psychology, eastern medicine, neuroscience, and habit change & goal setting.

These women have pooled their knowledge and clinical experience to create a program that benefits from expertise in multiple dimensions of healing and health.

Dr Laura McKee

Dr Ciara Byrne

Fertility tools

We have designed some tools to help you in your journey to become a parent.

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