Silver Program

Extended fertility psychologist support

This package has been specially designed for women who want the extended support of working with a fertility psychologist within a series of three 1:1 consultations over a period of 6 weeks. There will be an additional focus on expanding the territory of change through learning strategies around managing your relationships with your partner (if you have one), family, friends and at work.

Three Part Programme

Silver Programme

In Person or Telehealth

Individual 1 hour consultation


In Person, Dublin, Ireland

20 hours (Friday evening through Sunday evening)

Expand the Territory of Change

In Person or Telehealth

Three individual 1 hour consultations


Part 1 - Assessment: A review of your Fertility Health.

Before you attend our RE-MAP workshop, you will be asked to participate in a 1:1  meeting (in person or online). This important session is designed to help you clarify your goals for the program so we can  tailor it to meet your specific needs.

During the Assessment of your Reproductive Health, we learn about your fertility story and your fertility health – including your diet and exercise regime. We get to understand your mood and cognitions related to infertility, while we also assess how infertility has affected you socially and impacted your interpersonal relationships. We share the results of the assessment in the form of a concise bio-psycho-social report.

Part 2 - Workshop

A comprehensive program using our proprietary RE-MAP model – designed to lower emotional distress and improve pregnancy outcomes. Our workshop takes place from Friday evening to Sunday evening, so does not require a complex time commitment. Each workshop includes no more than 10 women – ensuring an intimate, safe and comfortable space for you to connect with both yourself and others in the group.

Part 3 - Expand the Territory of Change: (Three 1:1 Consultations)

Learn skills for managing relationships and social engagements including

  1. Strengthening your Marriage or other Relationship
  2. Managing Relationships with Extended Family, Friends, and the World
  3. Coping skills for family functions, holidays, and pregnancy announcements

This extension to the Sage Fertility Programme, occurs in the form of three individual consultations. The focus is on expanding your development into several important spheres of your life – including your relationships with your partner (if you have one), extended family, friends, at work, and at social events. Prior to each meeting you complete several exercises to help you identify and reflect on areas for skill building, to be addressed during the consultation.

Based on a deeper understanding of your particular areas of relationship struggle, we can offer you individually tailored recommendations for making changes into your daily life in ways that are practical and sustainable.

If you are unsure if this plan is right for you, CONTACT US HERE  to arrange a FREE 10 minute consultation.